Components are what create the image that is on your play money substrate. Components have two classifications - Rendered and Physical Items. Rendered components are directly printed on the play money items substrate, while Decorations are existing physical items that get adhered to the substrate.

Available Components

Component Type Properties* Standard Use Example
Text Rendered Font size, alignment, color, orientation To display any free form text desired Your Company Name Here
Image Rendered Your image or one from the Image Library To display any image
Serial Numbers Rendered
  • All Text Properties
  • Random or Sequential serial numbers
  • Pattern of Serial Number
  • To track the specific instances of each play money item. LB 95654235 W
    Stickers Physical Item We carry various sizes and shapes of stickers. Some are purely decorative, while others are special like sratch off stickers which are meant to cover areas to be revelaed. Create reveal area, add holographic security sticker, or for decoration.
    Denomination Rendered All text Properties. You can spell out in English the denomination amount and currency type or display it numerically. To display the denomination amount on your item
    Shape Rendered Shape type(square circle), file and border styles. Shapes are typically used to draw patterns on a play money's surface. The example to the right shows a rectangle shape used to give a starburst pattern to a items surface.
    QR Code Rendered Encoded Information in QR Code Used to allow mobile phones to easily obtain information about your products, web site, contacts, and any other common data usage.

    * All components share these properties

  • Position - where on item surface it is drawn
  • Size - how large the component is on the items surface
  • Clipping Mask - How the component is clipped by elements of the style. For example, the presidents window.