Physical Play Money Item Security

There are instances of applications of our play money products where preventive measures need to be taken to prevent duplication of your items.

  • Security Paper - Choose a security paper which will prevent photocopies of your play money items.
  • Serial Numbers - Print serial numbers on each item and receieve a file of these serial numbers to track their use.
  • Embossing - Put a stamped physical embossment on each item that would be cost prohibitive to fake.

Web Site Security

Many small business use our products to promote their business, and the items they order have "real" monetary value. The security of our web site is of vital interest to everyone. Rest assured the only accounts that can access the images to print your order is staff. We print your order with the Spendacus Mint tool, which logs every item printed. The web site was designed with modern cloud based design, with security foremost in the architecture. All traffic to the site is secured with SSL.