Custom Play Money Bills Our Bills are intended to mimic funny money more than real currency. The roots of our Bills came from traditional board games like Monopoly. We created styles to fit the wide range of intended uses - from traditional monopoly board game set replacements to running a casino party.

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  • Family Game Night
  • Budgeting
  • Event Promotion
  • Special Events
Monopoly Stanrdard
4.00" x 2.00"
4.76" x 2.00"

Every component is associated with one of three layers available with bills. Each layer has a clipping mask associated with it that will determine which part of your component gets viewed in the final image :

  • Base - Always clips designated denomination amounts and president window*
  • President Window* - clips designated president window
  • None - Top layer, anything placed here renders the full components output.

* What is the presidents window? It is a designated graphical feature on the base style that naturally frames the image component associated where common world currencies place the presidents image. You can place any image here, or other components types if you desire.

If we size an image component to the full surface of a bill as shown here...

below you can side the net effect of the available layer clipping masks assuming the image component configured above.

Base Template
Presidents Window
Basic Monopoly
Front Side : one IMAGE, two DENOMINATION components.) Back Side : one TEXT components.)
Monopoly with Serial
Front Side : three TEXT, one SERIAL, two DENOMINATION, one IMAGE components.) Back Side : one SHAPE, two DENOMINATION, one TEXT components.)
President Image/Name - Background and Serial
Front Side : two IMAGE, two DENOMINATION, one SERIAL, one TEXT components.) Back Side : one TEXT, one DENOMINATION components.)

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