General Questions

There are many variables that impact the final pricing of your custom product, so we offer the Pricing Estimator to get a quick estimate for a given product type, number of items, and sides printed (Assumes 50% page coverage). The best way to get a price is to dive into the Design Wizard, configure your order and price the configuration.

We make every effort to ship paid orders the next business day. Delivery of your product will depend on.

  • Your location on the globe, we ship from Schenectady NY.
  • The shipping option your choose - Priority much quicker than First Class
  • The size/compexity of your order.

On rare occasions when we become overwhelmed with orders and can not honor the next business day shipping promise, we will notify you before processing your order to let you know. You get a refund if we can not meet your expectations.

The design wizard has many options for configuring your custom product. We have tried to design the interface with the basic options readily viewable and then have links to "advanced" options for less common things. The general steps to using the Design Wizard are

  • Product - Select the type of Play Money Product (ie Bills).
  • Style - Choose the style of the product, number of sides, printed size and if printed in color.
  • Deliverable - Choose if you want your product items stacked together.
  • Denominations - Tell us the denomination face values you desire in your order.
  • Layout - Import pre configured components (images,denomination amts, etc) from templates of the same style you selected.
  • Layout - Customize the imported components by changing properties such as fonts, images, text.
  • Add-Ons - Choose optional features for your product.
  • Purchase - Get Final Pricing, review proofs, add to shopping cart.
  • Cart - Check out.

Use the help links in the wizard to learn how each step works. We are available to help you with your order, use the contact us page.

If you cant figure out how to use the wizard, we can complete the order for your. Send us any images and text and what you want to or call us.

We stay away from any bill style that could be confused for real money. We do offer options stylized like real money, but are clearly not real money.

We accept all major credit cards. We do not store any CC information so it must be entered on each cart checkout.

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