One of the largest factor in pricing any play money order is the toner cost to print your items. This cost varies greatly between GrayScale and Full Color printing. Grayscale printing is significantly cheaper than full color, but in either case we will charge the actual toner consumed to print your items.

Toner Coverage

If your play money items consists of mostly white space your toner charges will be cheaper than a order where the entire item surface contains color to print. We calculate the page coverage of your items using the following:

  1. Calculate a value (0% - 100%) indicating the non white percentage of an individual play money item
  2. Calcuate a value (0% - 100% rounded to 10% increments) indicating the non white percentage when printing a page of your item
  3. Calculate how many toners would be consumed to print all the pages required at the coverage. The result is typically a small fraction like .00231729, which represents how much of one toner would be consumed based on industry standard toner coverage.

Toner Coverage

The coverage for each denomination item in your order should be similiar unless there are significant component differences.

The calculations used to derive the final coverage number and toner consumption are time consuming. While working in the wizard, each denomination will default to 50% item coverage. When you add your item to the cart, the accurate coverage numbers will be calculated and reflected. You can update your coverage at any time by choosing the 'Final Pricing/Add To Cart' option from the pricing menu. Let the Proof Images generate and pricing to recalcuate, then review the detailed pricing on the Pricing tab. You can cancel out and return to the wizard for further editing.

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