Follow these steps to get a price estimate for your order.

  • Select the type of play money item you desire pricing for from the drop down
  • Choose the template style for the selected play money type1
  • Select the printed size of each item2
  • Enter the number of items desired3
  • Click the 'Get Pricing' button
  • Review the pricing tables4

1  The template style determines the basic look up your play money items as well as the width to height ratio of your items.

2 The larger the item the more toner and paper needed to print your order resulting in higher prices.

3 When you place your order you can break up the total number of printed items into seperate denomination face values. For pricing purposes, only the total number of items printed will impact cost.

4 A price is generated for a combination of 4 common configurations - GrayScale printing, Color Printed and One or Two sided printing. Pricing is calculated assuming 50% item coverage when printing, see the Toner Calculation page for details on this important factor in your final pricing.

Quick Pricing Estimator

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