Pricing any customized play money product is impacted by many factors listed below. Pricing does scale down per unit cost the more items your add to your custom product. To get an exact price either use our Custom Product Price Esimator, or configure an order with the Design Wizard and add it to your cart.

Major Pricing Factors

  • Small Order Setup Charge (< 1000 printed items, waived above 999 printed items.)
  • Size of printed item (larger = more $)
  • Number of sides printed on (two sided = more $)
  • Print in Color or B&W (color = more $)
  • Substrate choice to print on (we offer a range of papers from basic to premiere)
  • Base selected (product specific) (we offer a range of poker chips/wood nickels from basic to premiere)
  • Total Number of items (more = more $)

Other Pricing Factors

  • Components with physical items (stickers) (we offer a range of stickers from basic to premiere)
  • Miscellanious Add On's (optional choices)
    • Product Level
      • Share components as template (opting in saves money)
      • Share denominations in Gallery (opting in saves money)
    • Denomination Level
      • Picture of printed proof (opting in = more $)
      • Custom marketing message (opting in = more $)
      • Item Finishing (Lamination and embossing = more $)
      • Item cut (no cutting saves money)
      • Item Corner Cutting (no cutting saves money)
    • Stacking Level
      • Packaging (we offer a range of packaging options from basic to premiere)
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