The custom Play Money Products we sell on this site all share these common attributes:

  • A collection of one to many Face Values, ie $1,$5...$100
  • Printed items that need to be sliced from full sheets into indidual items
  • Each denomination printed on a substrate that may or may not be adhered to a base. Ie, yellow 20# paper for bills... gloss round clear labels adhered to a chosen poker chip base.
  • Configurable graphical components such as logos, pictures, text, shapes, denomination amounts.
  • Different configuration of components per denomination and by printed side

We designed our Design Wizard to make the configuration of any type of play money product quick and easy. The wizard breaks down the steps needed to create customized products into these steps

  • Products - You can create and manage multiple customized products
  • Style - Choose the basic look and dimensions of yor play money type. Tell us if you want 2-sided items and color or Gray Scale generated items.
  • Deliverable - Do you want our staff to print and ship your order, or do you want electronic images to print yourself? How will the items be stacked together, into sorted stacks like board game money or one big pile?
  • Stacking - If you want your items grouped into stacks the configuration is set here.
  • Denominations - Tell us the face values of the denominations you want. Choose the printed substrate to use and any base (for poker chips, etc). If not stacking let us know how many of each face value denomination you require.
  • Component Layout - Design the final printed image for each face value here. Size/Position components such as logos, pictures, text, denomination amounts, and set their properties (component specific).
  • Add-Ons - Choose fine grained options for your product.

What you use your customized play money product is always an unique interesting story. Our customers have used our services for many varied purposes:

  • Bills for family game night
  • Wooden Nickels for farmers markets
  • Drop Bills to promote a local product/service
  • Poker Chips for a special event casino party
  • Scratch and Wins for employee incentives
  • Coupons for small business
  • Trading cards for team building
  • Playing cards as a marketing tool

There is no end to the many uses of customized play money. Heck, we even had our products blown out of cannons at concerts, used at a movie premier, and dare I say a certain TV show sewed dresses out of customized Bills. Feel free to share with us the fun ways you plan to use your customized play money.

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