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Types of Game Play

We offer several styles of Scratch & Win games. You control the symbols (icons, numbers, text), number of winning prizes within game, value of the Scratch Ticket, scratch cover, and all properties of the game.

Reveal & Win : Simply scratch to reveal the prize won.

X Like Prizes : Match X like prizes to win the prize.

X Like Symbols : Match X like symbols and win the prize in the Prize box.

Tic Tac Toe : Get any X like symbols in any row, column or diaganol to win the prize in the Prize box.

Symbol Match : Match any of Your symbols to the Winning Symbols to win the prize under your symbol.

Winning Tickets

Players of your game can determine if their ticket is a winner by :

    - Scratching and playing the game to see if their a winner
    - Scanning the bar code under the scratch surface
    - Visiting The game Ticket Lookup page - Click here for ticket Lookup

Our Strategy to Manage Winners

As the game sponser, you will be able to define the distribution of the payout of prizes of your game. By default, all games will render as losers by our Play Money rendering Engine while you are designing your game. Before printing your order, we generate and securely store the prize distribution and randomly assign these prizes to tickets that will be printed with a winning pattern when printed. Once this winning pattern is generated, it is stored such that if there is an issue in the printing or slicing process, the identical winning or losing ticket will be printed.

Scratch Surface

For all games other than 'Reveal & Win' We utilize printable scratch sheets, which you can define whats printed over the sections of your game to scratch.

For 'Reveal & Win' based games, we offer pre-cut scratch stickers than can be physically stamped over the sections of your game to scratch.

Below are examples of our five types of game play, with and without the game scratch area displayed.

Up to date game payout info for customers

Customers can also get up to date remaining prizes left for a game (for Winning Manager enabled games). Click here for Example

Secure Game Play

We offer an advanced security feature to prevent fraud. The serial serial number, ticket sequence and other data are encoded to produce unique contour lines displayed behind the play area. The shape of these contours can be verified with each ticket claimed, to verify the validity of the winning ticket.

Winnings Manager

As a host of a Scratch & Win game, you can opt in or out of Winnings Manager, our online based tool to track the claimed prizes. This tool allows you to verify the ticket is a winner, and mark the prize as paid. You can also get statistics on the payout of your game, versus the cash equivalent value of the tickets in your order.

Pricing Factors

The final cost of your Scratch & Win game will be decided by several factors listed below.

  • The Number of Tickets printed in game - The more tickets the more expensive.
  • Color vs GrayScale Printing - Color printing costs significantly more than GrayScale.
  • Size of Scratch & Win Ticket - The larger the size the more cost for paper and ink.
  • Scratch Cover Size and Type - 'Reveal & Win' games utilize pre-cut stickers of various sizes, while other game types utilize full printable scratch sheets custom cut to cover your game surface.
    • Pre-Cut Scratch Stickers - If you choose to have us apply a physical stamp on the pre cut sticker, there will be a labor charge for each stamp applied.
    • Full printable sheets Scratch Stickers - We charge a cost per 8.5 x 11 sheet consumed to print all the covers for the tickets in your order. The toner cost will be calculated for the cover, we offer gold and silver cover or a white option in which you can print any color background desired. The size of your game will dictate the number of sheets of scratch paper charged.
    • Apply Stickers - You can choose to skip our labor charge for applying stickers, in which we ship the stickers with your tickets for you to apply.
  • Type of paper - Prices vary for the types of paper printed on. The default is 1 sided gloss cardstock.
  • Number of printed sides on tickets - Two sided printing consumes more ink and costs more.

How to Price your Order Configuration

When using the design Wizard you will notice a toolbar on the top of each Wizard step. Towards the right is the pricing menu.

The Dropdown of the Pricing menu has several options :

Use the Reprice option to update the pricing to the latest configuration.
The price will display once priced, but will be out of sync if your order has pending changes (red save button ).
The price for ink is estimated until the final pricing is applied - where high resolution proofs are scanned by our pricing engine for final ink calculations. Use this option to get that pricing.
Click Pricing details to get a detailed break down of the line items making up the price.
Turn on auto pricing to have pricing update on any change to your order configuration.
  • Student Incentives
  • Marketing/Promotions
  • Coupon
  • Wedding
  • Gag
  • Special Events
Medium Standard Scratch & Win
4.00" x 4.00"
Tall 8" Stadard Scratch & Win
4.00" x 8.00"
Small 2" Standard Scratch & Win
4.00" x 2.00"
3" Scratch & Win
4.00" x 3.00"
4" Scratch & Win
4.00" x 5.00"
Large 6" Standard Scratch & Win
4.00" x 6.00"
7" Scratch & Win
4.00" x 7.00"
match your symbol to winning
Front Side : Three TEXT, Two IMAGE, One DENOMINATION, One SCRATCHWIN components.) Back Side : No Componentents on this side.)
tic tac dough
Front Side : One SCRATCHWIN, One SHAPE, One DENOMINATION, Four TEXT, One IMAGE components.) Back Side : Seven TEXT, Four SHAPE, One DENOMINATION, Two IMAGE components.)

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