Custom Play Money Bills offers a unique Scratch and Win Product with features not offered by any competitors in the market. Whether you are using your Scratch and Win tickets as a gag, announcing a life changing event, or promoting your business/product with a promotional give-away/discount our Scratch and Win product is superior to the competitors.

In addition to our easy to use Design Wizard, we are the only site offering secure encoded contour lines for each ticket, to guarantee ticket authenticity and for scratch ticket holders to confirm their winnings. Paired with Winnings Manager feature, you can manage your Scratch and Win prize payout.

We offer many pre-defined templates of Scratch and Win Components you can import into your order. Every scratch component can be entirely customized, including the following:

  • Type of Game (see types below)
  • Size of Game ticket
  • Game Symbols
  • Prizes and payout distribution
  • Front and back surface graphics/text
  • Scratch Surface color
We offer several types of Scratch Games :
Reveal Prize - Scratch and reveal prize to win
Number/Symbol Match - Match any of your numbers/symbols to a winning number/symbol and win prize shown
X Like Symbols - Match x of the same prize symbols and win prize shown(x = number of matches required to win)
Ti-Tac-Toe - Get any x symbols in any row/column or diaganol and win prize (x = your grid size)
X Like Prizes - Match x prizes and win prize (x = number of matches required to win)

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